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Mixed Media Mosaic Mirror - 33" x 36"
Mosaic Glass Tiles, Hemalyke beads, Czech glass beads, 
Custom colored metallic silver & gold stained glass, 
Available for Purchase


My latest work "Twilight" was a four year journey and labor of love. I am so happy I can share this mirror with you!! 💜

Twilight is that time of the day when the stars first come out and the day isn't quite finished yet. The sun's rays turn a golden hue as it slowly dips below the horizon. In that brief moment the twinkling stars of night and the day's setting sun appear together in one glorious magical scene. You hold your breath to capture the moment hoping it will linger just a little bit longer. You stop blinking wishing to take it all in. You open your eyes wide to commit the image to memory. But the magic of twilight is fleeting. The moment is gone! You are left with the faint memory you saved in your mind and spirit. You feel fulfilled yet long to bring back the pure majesty of the special moment you witnessed. Tomorrow you endeavor to capture the twilight once more.


Mixed Media Mosaic
11 1/4" x 17 1/4"
Slate, Smalti, Copper
Available for Purchase

 “Chain Breaker” is an exploration into breaking long held expectations and obligations of self image and self expression.  

Slate is a new material for me.  I obtain slate from a historic Welsh quarry that comes in large pieces.  I break down the those pieces with hammer and hardie into smaller and smaller bits.  As I was breaking pieces I found one remarkable piece that resembled the blade of a dagger.  Had I broken it down from a larger piece?  Did it come to me already shaped?  As I pondered what to create with it I very nearly broke it down further to make some flowing swirled piece in keeping with my prior aesthetic.  However another part of me wanted to leave it and fashion a dagger! The thought of it seemed so exciting! How would I do this? What would people think of me if I did?  Realizing perceptions of me from before would be altered and new folks would see only this view of me moving forward, I decided to create what I truly wanted to create with disregard to any perceptions or ideas about me that would follow.  With this new thought I added more and more elements that I wanted and gradually this piece showed me my new reality.  I enjoyed the build, the hours of labor, thinking through the difficult spots…and I LOVE this piece!  And really, that is all that matters.  From this day forward my chains are broken!

Tuttle Project

The Tuttles wanted a very large piece to fill an alcove at the top of their stairway.  A completely different construction technique was needed for me to create this piece and have it sturdy enough to support the mosaic work.  This piece has custom colored grout, trim paint to match and hundreds of silver plated brass beads.  The background mosaic consists of light gray aventurine glass tiles and is sealed for longevity.  A challenge and a pleasure to work with the Tuttles on this amazing piece!

Fulmer Project

FULMER PROJECT - “Midnight Garden”
A completely custom arched frame stained glass mosaic mirror with aluminum, Swarovski tipped jewelry flowers and hematite bead trim.  Five different sheets of textured clear stained glass were custom colored to create the grays.  Black sparkle “Van Gogh” stained glass is integrated throughout.  Sides of purple and purple sparkle metallic glass mosaic tiles and “Van Gogh” silver/black stained glass.  1/2” custom cut frame with black grout.