“It’s not about how many you make rather how well you make each one and the intent put forth in the effort.  For each one is meaningful and has influence in the lives of those who experience it”

— Roxanne Tate, Mosaic Artist
The first step of each mosaic creation is the design. I love following a line to see where it ends up, how it can be combined to join others.  Many times I create custom patterns for clients wanting a special look.  Whether starting from scratch, combining or sizing up or down, everything is done by my hand and is original.
I touch all steps of the mosaic mirror process from constructing each frame, to design elements used in the mixed media mosaic. I love working with aluminum and copper two timeless materials that will last for many years to come. I cut, shape, file, polish and seal copper for use in the mosaic.
I love to create stained glass tesserae (small pieces of material) for my work! It is an ancient material used all over the world by many cultures. Today you can still get stained glass in large sheets from the manufacturers and each one produced varies in color and texture. It is this variety that makes a stained glass mosaic mirror unique, no two will be exactly the same!
I am in contact with each client that requests a mosaic mirror whether a design I have constructed before or something new. I send updates with photos of the mosaic progression so that you know the stage your mosaic mirror is in. Whether you are building a new home with a long lead time or getting into a bathroom remodel or simply adding some artistic style to your space, I look forward to working with you!
FULMER PROJECT - “Midnight Garden”
A completely custom arched frame stained glass mosaic mirror with aluminum, Swarovski tipped jewelry flowers and hematite bead trim.  Five different sheets of textured clear stained glass were custom colored to create the grays.  Black sparkle “Van Gogh” stained glass is integrated throughout.  Sides of purple and purple sparkle metallic glass mosaic tiles and “Van Gogh” silver/black stained glass.  1/2” custom cut frame with black grout.